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Year 8 Assessment Tasks

New student handbook 2020

This handbook contains all school information

2020 student handbook

Term 2 week 3 new timetable


REQUIREMENT LIST FOR YEAR 8: yr 8 requirements (pdf 401 KB)


Assessment Booklet Year 8 2020

This booklet contains details of assessment tasks & their due dates.  A hard copy will have been given out to every student in year 8 within the first weeks of the school year

2020 Year 8 assessment booklet


Please note:  Individual Assessment Tasks will be listed below approx 2 weeks before they are due.  The tasks will be removed from the website at the end of the school year. If due dates are changed from the dates in the assessment booklets, new assessment grids are issued to all students that the date change affects.





Year 8 HSIE

Due Term 3, Week 7

Digital Portfolio notification

Digital Portfolio task


Year 8 Science

Term 3, Week 9, Fri 18 Sept

Crystal Growing



Year 8 Tech Mandatory

Due Term 2, Week 1

Food Glorious Food



Year 8 Tech Mandatory

Due Term 2, Week 2

Fabulous Produce


Year 8 Mathematics

Due Term 2, Week 4

Assessment one


Year 8 English

Due Term 2, Week 10 

Heroes exam notification


Year 8 Mathematics

Due Term 2, Week 10

Sighted Exam






Year 8 PDHPE

Due Term 1 Week 8

Eat Right, Live Strong – Activity Grid


Year 8 Technology Mandatory

Due in Week 8 of relevant term - classroom teacher will advise

Food Glorious Food

Monster Mania


Year 8 English

Due Term 1, Week 8



Year 8 HSIE
Due Term 1, Week 10

Medieval Europe