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Permission Notes

Excursion permission notes

As we are migrating to this new website, permission notes for all EXCURSIONS will now be found under 'upcoming events' attached to the actual date of the excursion. Instructions - 

Go to tab 'all events' open tab 'more events' find the date the excursion is on and click the permission note link.

Our school provides regularly updated notes and forms for parents and students to print off, sign & return. All found below.


2019 AQUATIC PERMISSION NOTE (return to PE staffroom

print me:   2019 aquatic permission note


2019 SPORT PERMISSION NOTE (return to the PE staffroom).

Term 1: Year 7 - house sport; Year 8 - Recreational sports

Year 9 - house sport: Year 10 - Recreational sports

Print me: 2019 sport permission  note (PDF 324KB)



Year 7, 8, 9 & 10 PE; Year 9 & 10 PASS, Year 11 & 12 SLR and Year 11 & 12 Sport Coaching lessons. 

Please print me, sign & return to Student Central: Off Site Permission Note (PDF 302KB)

Sport - dismissal slip for after sport

Download the Dismissal from sport (PDF 378KB) for more information and a copy of the form.

Senior Flexi Pass 2019

Form also available from Student Central. Please complete & return to Student Central. Allows seniors to arrive late and leave early if they have no timetabled class in Period 1 and Period 4 and their note has been signed by parent/carer. Must sign in and out of Student Central when arrive/leave.

Download the Senior Flexi Pass form more information and a copy of the form. 2019 Flexi Pass (PDF 51KB)

Student Driver

Form also available from Student Central. For students that drive during school hours and/or carry passengers. 

Download the Driver permission note 2018 (PDF 303KB) for more information and a copy of the form.

General Permission to Publish

Download the Perm to Publish (PDF 101KB) for more information.

Homework Hub

Download the Homework hub permission (PDF 270KB) for more information.