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In 2023, no year 7 student or thier parents are required to purchase a BYOD laptop. We are trialling a year 7 program where a personal laptop will be supplied by the school, for one year.  250 devices have been purchased and are in school and being set up for students to uses as soon as the teachers are ready to commence with their teaching and learning programs.

Picton High School understands the importance of technology in assisting students with their learning. By implementing our  laptop program for year 7 2023, Picton High School will assist students in developing digital literacy, fluency and citizenship, preparing them for the future world in which they will live, learn and work. This procedure has been developed to address the increasing availability of digital technology and how it can be utilised by students to enhance their learning experiences.

The aims of the one to one program at Picton High School are to:

  • Work towards the creation of a collaborative digital learning environment that supports student learning and innovative teaching practice. 

  • Ensure a minimum standard of device compatibility.

  • Enable students to use technology to enhance their learning and to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century workforce.

  • Provide the opportunity for teachers to tailor lesson delivery so that students can use their devices in class.

Recommended Devices:
The school is suppling a school approved HP laptop and individual charging station.

New Year 7 laptops

Equity Statement

Picton High School will provide all year 7 students with their own personal device for one year. Students will be asked to treat their laptop appropriately (software and harware). Students who will not comply may have their personal device removed from them until they can meet our requirements.


Student and Parent Agreement

School laptops will be managed through an online form, which is to be signed off as being done accurately in the parent agreement and implementation process. The device registration will include Students Name, Year, Device Serial Number, Make/Model and MAC Address.


Year 7 lockers

Acceptable use of devices

Each year student will participate in an "Acceptable Usage" program early in 2023. This program will inform students on safe use and safe transport of laptops. As student's demonstated laptop skills increase, student may be required to use them at home.

They can download appropriate personal software that aids in their learning but this will be removed when the laptops are "cleaned" but our automatice process.

The laptop must be returned at the end of the year, in the same condition it was supplied. Any sticker must be removed and cleaned with appropriate solvent is adhesive is left on the cases. 

The laptop lids have a tight seal and nothing should be placed on keyboard or screen surfaces.

The laptop will be each student's responsibility to protect. There is no reason to share as each student will have their own.

Access to WiFi

Internet access through the department’s Wi-Fi network will be provided on departmental sites at no cost to students who are enrolled in NSW public schools.

Use the following links to configure wifi for your device:

Windows BYOD WiFi Instructions

Student Home Page

To make it easier to access school learning platforms Picton High School recommends you set your device home page to the following site or add a shortcut to your browser toolbar.


Tech Support

Delegated Teachers and the Technical Support Officer (TSO) will seek to provide some technical support for students and their devices.

It will be the responsibility of the Student to remember the procedures required to connect their type of device to the Wireless and the Internet.

Damage, Loss and Misuse

Technology misuse in schools

In cases of malicious damage or theft of another student’s device, existing school processes for damage to school or another student’s property apply.

School Software

All NSW Department of Education school students are eligible to download and licence Adobe and Microsoft software.

This software is only available to download onto personally owned devices.

Students will need to use their @education.nsw.gov.au student email address to register on their first visit. An @education.nsw.gov.au student email address will be provided after enrollment.

Software available includes:

Additional Software

The following software is reccomended but not required:

Helpful Resources

The following are some helpful resources for parents to consider. You may wish to use and explore each to help monitor the use of their child’s digital technologies in an effort maintain safety and security within the online environment.

eSaftey Commissioner

Digital Citizenship

Values in NSW public schools

Commonsense Media Family Toolkit

Stay Safe Online – Parent resources

Google Safety Center – Family resources